JL STUDIO榮獲「Asia’s 50 Best 」The one to watch
2019.03.12 Tue

僅代表JL Studio團隊,誠摯感謝亞洲50 最佳餐廳(Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants)及Miele 頒予我們「Miele 最值得關注獎 – Miele One to Watch Award」。




沒有你們,就沒有Jimmy,也沒有JL STUDIO。



                                                                                            Jimmy Tyan Yaw Lim 林恬耀

                                                                                                    JL STUDIO主廚與創辦人


On behalf of the JL STUDIO team, I’d like to thank Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and Miele for giving us the “Miele One to Watch Award”. It’s truly a great honor.

Our founding principle is to better interpret the modern Singaporean cuisine, to convey its unique culture and essence, and to create a significant tasting experience for people around the world.  This has always been our goal since the first day we opened for business, and even to this day, we are still exploring and learning.

On this journey of living our dreams, we put our heart and mind to every new dish we prepare, with care and bravery.  Without the trust and team spirit of my team, we would not be able to receive this honor today. The difficulties and challenges we’ve overcome are more than words can describe. Only by being a part of it, living through it, can fully understand it.

I am so grateful to all the mentors, partners, friends, family and guests for their generous advice and encouragement. Because of your great support, we are able to keep moving forward, pushing the limit of our imagination, enthusiastically and humbly.

Without you, there is no Jimmy Lim, and there’s no JL STUDIO.

A new chapter for us is open before our eyes.  We will work harder to bring a more dynamic and inspiring dining experience to our customers.  

Thank you very much once again.

Jimmy Tyan Yaw Lim

JL STUDIO Chef and Founder